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Increasing Productivity with our Business WiFi Solutions (Questions & Answers)

Welcome to our Wireless Solutions Q&A.

We have chosen to answer some of the most commonly asked questions we hear when we get called up - so let's get started.

Q. Can Wire Wizards Business WiFi solutions be customized to meet our specific business needs?

A. Absolutely! One of Spike's abilities on WiFi solutions is looking at the works as ONE to meet your company's needs in terms of coverage area, user capacity, guest WiFi logins, network segmentation, and easy interaction with any current systems. This ensures a customised network. Every business layout is unique.

Q. Can a WiFi extender improve my internet connection signal?

For sure - These dead spots can be eliminated and the coverage expanded with the use of a WiFi Extender.

Q. What is a wireless internet extender?

A gadget that increases the range of your router's wireless signal by repeating it.

Q. Do I need a wireless internet booster?

A wireless internet booster can be helpful if you have poor Wi-Fi signals, sluggish internet connections, or areas in your business where there is no access.

Q. Do I need a WiFi installation or should I do it myself?

Self-installation is usually cheaper, but it may not offer the expertise and efficiency of professional installation and troubleshooting knowledge.

Q. What factors should I consider when selecting the most suitable WiFi Company for my requirements?

When deciding on a WiFi company, it is essential to consider elements such as pricing, speeds needed, customer reviews, coverage area, and if you like them to work with them!

Q. Point-to-point WiFi: How does it work?

Imagine a wifi connection that cuts through all obstacles, creating a direct line of sight between two devices or networks. That's exactly what point to point WiFi does!


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