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Buying a TP Link VPN Router ER605 - Lets unbox one

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Are you looking to buy a TP Link VPN Router?, Well, we have a review of a TP LINK Router just for you. The TP Link ER605.

What Is a VPN Router and What Is A VPN Router Used For?

VPN is an abbreviation for VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK.

And why do I need a VPN?

Imagine that all information you disclose online while using Facebook, YouTube, or even just doing your online shopping is accessible to hackers if your connection is unsecure. So how do I get a Secure Network Connection?

So to make sure your secure, were going to implement a Private Network Access buy having a TP link VPN

How VPN Router Works? It is essentially just like a normal router, but it also contains a piece of equipment called a VPN Device. Which then gives you a Secure Network Connection

The TP-Link VPN Router Price? Well it’s not that bad at about 50.00 (March 2023 prices).

Who should use a VPN? Well this is where we’ve installed them:

VPN to Remote Work Online (working from home)

When using a home computer to access company servers, you could accidentally, with an Unsecured Internet Connection allow hackers access to your employers' networks and files, so since Covid hit, we’ve had a massive uptake in people continuing to work from home. This is where we deploy them.

In this video, we have reviewed it for a CCTV installation. Why would you use a VPN for CCTV Camera Installation?

Our client requested that there be Network Security when connecting to the CCTV's online administrative console over the internet – hence the VPN.

Click to watch the unboxing and review

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