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Fibre Optic Cabling Installation

Fibre Optic cables are made of glass and transmit data using light; they are thinner than a human hair and can carry far more data.


Fibre Optic, unlike copper cable, is not susceptible to electronic interference because it uses light rather than electricity.


We now live in a world where information is expected to be downloaded instantly.


Fibre optic networks can provide faster connections for multiple users. Fiber optic networks can offer powerful advantages to help your business stay connected, such as improved cloud connectivity, voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities, and overall better bandwidth.


Here are some of the benefits of having a fibre network installed.


Higher bandwidth means faster speed.

Longer transmission distances

Greater flexibility

Improved latency

Stronger security


Our Full Fibre Installation Services


Supply. Install and terminate Fibre optic cabling Systems

Direct termination of connectors on site

On site fusion spliced termination – Single & Ribbon Fibre

All types of single & multi mode fibre optic cable; OS1 and OS2


All of the photos  and videos are of us at work - no Istock here

Fibre Mini Module
Wire Wizard Orrin splicing

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