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Copper wires were used to connect your old traditional phone system,  but by 2025 BT Open Reach will retire the copper network.

We will then need to use  super fast broadband to use a Cloud Phone System (internet based phone system).

We have been installers of traditional telephone systems as well as VoIP phone systems (Voice over Internet Protocol), but In line with the industry, we have phased out the installation of traditional phone systems in favour of the increasing number of internet phone systems required.

We needed to expand our VoiP phone system suppliers in order to meet the needs of our customers, and we also needed to upgrade ourselves, so we looked for the Best VoiP phone system that would suit us as well.

We are a local business that prefers to use local stock suppliers

I recently discovered a local company to purchase our own upgrade through, so we gave them a shot. and we were so impressed  with the system, that we have agreed to work together. Wire Wizards firmly believes that we would never install something that we would not use ourselves.

So we like to introduce to you one of  the products in our range;  The 8x8 X Series, which has something to suit everyone's requirements.

Switch to us, and you'll be able to call from any device in any location using business VoIP technology.

Hosted Phone Systems

Let me explain the 8x8X Series


Looking for a phone system that just works? How do you get a consistent voice experience over the internet? You don’t unless you have patented technology that optimises how your call is routed and monitored across the internet. 8x8’s patented technology finds the best path and routes your call to the nearest data centre. Your call isn’t routed halfway around the world just to reach George in the office upstairs. 8x8 was born in the cloud and has invested over the past 17+ years to create a rock solid infrastructure that just works every time you pick up the phone.

           Contact Centre

Whether you are running a startup or large enterprise, you can waste valuable time and money maintaining and managing an ineffi cient contact center solution. Outdated premise-based technology only gets in the way of keeping your customers happy. 8x8 can help. Our cloud contact center solution enables you to deliver a customer experience that differentiates your business from the competition. X Series X5-8 packages deliver a tightly integrated unified communications and contact center solution, or standalone contact center, with class-leading uptime, collaboration and analytics.


Web conferencing is enhanced through HD quality video and voice. Rest assured the quality will be ever-present due to our patented technology. Additionally, all your data is protected by the highest levels of security and compliance. If you can’t be there in person, this is the next-best thing.

It just takes one click to join or start a meeting from your computer, mobile device or a conference room phone. Attendees don’t even need an app to join.


With X Series, you can instantly look at the call quality across your company, see any poor-quality calls and get immediate insights into the root cause. With the powerful capabilities of 8x8 speech analytics, users can analyze the full spectrum of their customer interactions and listen to the most pertinent ones, rather than a randomhandful that have no predetermined context. 8x8 includes call recording and, along with automated speech-to-text transcription, can extract valuable insights from recorded voice conversations.

          Text / IM

8x8 Team Messaging enables business collaboration by providing real-time team communication that scales from small to large teams. Built for company-wide collaboration, 8x8 Team Messaging enables business units, project teams and internal and external collaborators to share content and communicate as a team by providing instant access for all employees through a direct connection to your global directory. 8x8 Team Messaging is designed to keep conversations organised by topic and work group while supporting open team communication. 8x8 Team Messaging unifi es your desktop and mobile device, enabling you to work anywhere, from any device. 8x8 Team Messaging also supports both public and private rooms, allowing team members to share sensitive documents as well as public content. The ability to follow and unfollow content and use @mentions helps limit disruptions from notifi cations and high volume discussions.

               Real-time group communication for all employees

Using your identity and authentication management tool, all employees are automatically set up without extra steps to add or invite co-workers to the messaging app. This out-of-the-box, company-wide access combined with an intuitive user experience means employees can immediately start collaborating more effectively

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