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The decision to implement a CCTV Security System for your home or business can be made for several reasons and need to serve several purposes for example; remote monitoring or car park management.

CCTV systems now come with a wealth of functions and at Wire Wizards, we want technology that has ease of use for the customer whilst being cost-effective.

QVIS CCTV equipment and products are the UK's number 1 CCTV and security brand and Wire Wizards are authorized installers. 

There are many ways to protect what we work hard for, and when buying a security system, many questions arise, so here are some of the top questions people think about and what we're asked? 


  • What is the best security system on the market?

  • Best IP Camera System?

  • Best PoE CCTV System in the UK?

  • Best NVR CCTV System in the UK?

  • The best wired Security Cameras in the UK?

  • The best security cameras in the UK for home and business?

  • Top business security cameras?

If you give us a telephone call on 01903 721888 and we will answer all your questions.

CCTV Security Systems & Security System Installers

As 2021 progresses and we all continue to strive to 'stay-safe', this is where we see the Wire Wizards work continuing with security systems;

  • Up take in 4K, 5MP Security Systems.

  • Securing businesses while they continue to work remotely

  • Remote access 

  • IT infrastructure improvements to handle video data



What is video analytics?  So we asked Spike. " Video analytics is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine

temporal (time) and spatial events (areas of space), so we use scientific algorithms to automatically detect people, vehicles or other objects viewed via your CCTV video images. This sophisticated technology can also detect advanced events such as objects left or removed, moving across a line, direction of travel, and loitering. The system can alert Remote Video Response (RVR) to trigger a response dependent on pre-programmed instructions".                      

Video Analytics has entered the CCTV Market

2021 and beyond

Video Analytics Intruder Detection

 Perimeters are set (in blue). Intruder enters that perimeter   (in red). 

 Alarms and notifications are sent.

Wire Wizards simplify security and make a positive difference, so call the team on 01903 721888

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