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Case Study : TP Link Jetstream 10 Port Gigabit Smart Switch SG22010P

Review of the TP Link Jetstream 10 Port Gigabit Smart Switch SG22010P


We recently received an enquiry from a guy who had found our website and was hoping that we could help him with a project that he was undertaking.

He owned a farm in East Sussex and had some spare barn space that he no longer had use for and was converting it into 4 self contained offices.

Each of these offices because they would have different independent private business in each, they would need there own private secure Internet access in each.

View our video at the bottom of the page to see us preparing to install this on-site and our review.

Goal for the Client

To provide a cost effective solution that would be quickly deployed by us as a quick turn around for the client as he needed to complete, get potential renters looking at the offices and revenue coming in.

Conclusion of TP Link SG22010P

What's the TP Link Jetstream really like?

To set up and manage the unit, the main way to access the TP link is through the URL centre. The IP address of the device to access its Web based GUI. Your find this in this client list of your router.

The kit uses the Omada Controller App which you download and it's free.

From here you will be able to manage clients and monitor the network.

So this little unit is quite compact at 20.9 x 12.6 x 2.6 cm. It has a nice style metallic finish.

Its wall mountable and has silicone feet to sit on the edge of your desk if you want it to. It doesn't appear to be rack mountable, but all is not lost, this can be solved by popping it in a tray and then in the rack

tp-link switch

tp-link switch setup

tp-link switch 8-port

tp-link switch install


tp-link switch configuration

tp-link switch bandwidth control

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