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The Compelling Reason Why You Need to Move Your BT Master Socket for Better Wi-Fi

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

In the 80's and noughties BT would install a BT Master socket at the most convenient place for them and that would most likely be in the hallway in a corner. Do we all remember your phone would be on a telephone table along with the phone book and yellow pages?

Back then it wasn't an issue for the master socket to be there because we didn't have broadband or home-hubs but now in our technological demanding lives there position causes an issue.

What we need to remember is if your home-hub is at floor level, in a corner and with furniture pushed in front of it how is the signal going to penetrate through walls to other rooms?

The best position for your home-hub to give an immediate stronger signal is above head height (on top of a bookcase or display cabinets).

You may think I will just run an extension wire from the BT master socket and move the home hub. Unfortunately these wires are not high grade to put broadband down properly.

At Wire Wizards we can run a Wi-Fi test to show you the best position for you hub to be at and we can move your master socket for you.

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Wire Wizards can move your BT Master Socket


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