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How to decide when you need additional Voice and Data Network Sockets (Cat5e socket)

Updated: Jan 30

I think from the title of this blog you will know that if your working in cramped office condition's, with desks and people to close together you need to expand and with that is the need for additional Voice and Data sockets (Cat5e Socket).

There is two methods in the way the above can be achieved. The traditional Cat5e socket wiring method vs a desk top switch.

There maybe a temptation to add what’s called a desk top switch (allows devices to talk to other devices) but this can cause more frustration than its worth, with issues such as connectivity, vulnerable to security attacks and limited broadcasts. In essence an IT managers daily headache.

Adding ‘hard-wired’ additional sockets and wiring back to one large managed switch will render in most instances better results (because everything is cabled and traceable back to the switch), rather than the alternative method of a desk top switch in place.

Give the Wire Wizards engineer’s a call.

Network Installaers West Sussex
Network Installers West Sussex

Network Installations West Sussex
Network Installations West Sussex


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