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Why is my telephone line crackling - secrets revealed

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

So let's talk about crackling telephone lines.

You pick up your telephone handset and you can hear a crackling noise.

What could be possibly causing this? Well, let's talk you through some of the possibilities.

1. Corrosion in the BT junction box. BT junction boxes are found at the top of telegraph poles, under pavements in 'man-holes' or at the side of a building. General public are not allowed to touch them.

Corrosion will occur when moisture gets in here over a period of time.

You will need to call BT and get them to run a line test. In my experience this is one of there more reliable tests and if they say the crackle is at your house, it generally is.

So BT tells you the crackle is your end, so you need to start looking at these possibilities.

2. Somewhere you will have a BT Master socket in your house. This can overtime have a build up moisture getting into it causing corrosion of the wiring. You will need a new socket if the fault is found here.

3. Does your telephone have a curly cord on it? A strain on the cord over a period of time can cause crackling. You will need a new curly cord or it maybe cheaper just to buy a new telephone.

4. Do you run your telephone wire from the BT Master socket under the carpet? The hoover goes over it, people walk over it and the wire could be even trapped under the foot of the sofa. If the fault is found here you will need a new wire.

When you made the call to BT, they would of told you about there sky high charges, especially if you need a new BT Master socket. Don't let them do it! Wire Wizards can carry out the work at a fraction of the cost.

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