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How we've been helping your remote workforce work successfully during Covid 19

We have seen some outstanding conversions of spare rooms into offices over the past few months and stunning shed log cabins. At the moment, this has largely been our area of work as uncertainties and lockdowns continue and people continue to work from home.

Even if you are not in your 'normal' building, customers still need to speak with you, make payments, and place orders, so this is where we have come into play.

What have we been doing then?

> Having employees that can access the company network via the internet has been a must, so we've been installing WiFi extenders, WiFi boosters, and hard wiring ethernet cabling (Cat5 & Cat 6).

> Cloud telephone system software installation and setup (VoIP). Making calls anytime to anywhere.

> VoIP services: Voice comms, video chats, multimedia sessions.

> Installing headsets, webcams, networking printers and scanners, video conferencing

software, installing & updating antivirus software.

Staying Safe

Netgear NightHawk Range Ubiquiti UniFi

Ubiquiti G5

Wire Wizards


West Sussex

BN17 6QD

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