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2020 - The Remote Working year

Working from home has never been requested so much by employers who are unable to make it safe for employees to return to the workplace.

We've spent a lot of our time setting up home offices for customers converting the junk room, attic, spare bedroom or even the garden shed to get the job done and businesses up and running again.

So where have we come in? Pretty quickly when people establish that their current router won't give them the coverage needed. When more and more devices are added on, it figures that for the singular router you have, it becomes too much and you will need to implement a robust seamless network.

At Wire Wizards we're good at providing cost-effective solutions, so give the team a call and we can help find a solution.

So here are just a couple of examples of the equipment we would use which makes working from home seamless.

MESH NETWORKING: Uses multiple devices around your home to eliminate 'dead-spots' and create a network throughout your space.

WIRELESS BRIDGES: Replace the need for cabling and allows two or more access points to communicate and join local networks.

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