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WiFi for the Office

Updated: Feb 1

How did the office manage before WiFi? This entire sentence makes me chuckle. It reminds me of the daily post office runs for people and the good old fax machines.

WiFi for the office is a necessity. Your wireless connection will be critical for your day to day operation of your business.

The smoothness of your WiFi for Zoom Calls, accounts sending out your invoices, posting on the company social media and the old faithful's of your pc's, laptops and printers all talking together are crucial.

So, now that we understand why we need WiFi for the office, what do Wire Wizards get requested for and what can we do?

Issues are; slow internet, connections dropping, networks disappearing, routers crashing and gadgets refusing to connect are all regular problems.

Because no two offices are alike, we provide a variety of solutions using different products.

Mesh WiFi: Two or more routers work together to provide wider WiFi coverage. (More than a single can).

Access Points: A device that allows other WiFi devices to connect to a wired network.

WiFi Extender: A device that can help expand your existing WiFi network.

WiFi Range Extender: Again, expand your existing WiFi network.

We're here to help with cost-effective solutions, so give us a call on 01903721888

Exciting news! Our Hereford branch is now up and running smoothly, catering to the beautiful land of Wales. And guess what? We've got an amazing blog post straight from up there!

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