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Why viewing the CCTV via an app is the last secret ingredient

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

What is the most common question we get asked about CCTV?

When we go to see a new prospective customer, one of the top questions we are asked again and again is 'can we view the CCTV via an app?'.

Yes, you sure can and with the added bonus of the equipment we use there is no additional charge from the App Store.

SuperLive Plus the free CCTV viewing App

So we did a quick survey with our customers on the reasons why the CCTV App is the last secret ingredient for them, so here is the shortlist.

1. Going on holiday. Wanting to relax with the quick knowledge you can check on everything.

2. Check the teenagers are safe.

3. Check on the pets.

4. To ensure deliveries have been made and put in the right place.

5. To ensure fences and gates are shut.

6. To ensure driveways or pathways are not obstructed.




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