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Are Home Security Camera Systems Still Needed now we have Ring Doorbells?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Do we still need a classic security camera installation now with ring doorbells and nest equipment on the market?

Because there are so many possibilities now, I'm briefly going to focus on the basic differences between traditional CCTV and the ring doorbell.

Your ring doorbell will double up as an outdoor security camera, but because it's also a doorbell, it must be placed near your front door.

When the sensor triggers recording, it's spot on for the best CCTV equivalent facial footage of who's at your front door perimeter, but that's all there is to it.

Your traditional outdoor camera system doesn't have to wait to be triggered and you have a vast perimeter it records in comparison.

When it comes to installation, the ring doorbell is great; once you have it, you will be up and recording the same day. Your CCTV Camera Company may take a little longer to come out, quote, and get you set up, but the benefit of recording a greater area to me would be worth it.

Any security in my opinion is a powerful deterrent. The two-way communication of the ring doorbell is excellent - but keep in mind that you'll need a WiFi Connection to be alerted to who's at your door, and don't forget to check the battery and pay your subscriptions!

Your security company's CCTV System will also be able to add perimeters to the system, so you'll be notified if someone enters an area - and the app is free and there are no subscriptions.

On that conundrum, I'll leave it to you.

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15 nov 2022

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04 nov 2022

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