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CCTV Hard Drive Not Working, But WHY?

CCTV Hard drives are used to store your footage. It's crucial to have your DVR or NVR that holds your hard drive kept somewhere safe because that’s where your footage is saved.

What could, however, cause your CCTV hard drive to fail?

At any time, a hard drive can fail. Hard drive failure can occur from a variety of causes, but all of them can result in the permanent loss of footage.

I've included a video at the bottom of the page that demonstrates how we replace a CCTV HARD DRIVE..

Here are some examples of why hard drives fail.

Human Error

Accidental deletion of files, altering system files, modifying system settings.

Corrupt Files

improper shut down (power failure), accidental closure of programs due to improper shut down, power surge, faulty apps (interacting improperly with hard drive).

Mechanical failure

Motors stop, ageing parts, system freezing, clicking sounds


Faulty fan, improper ventilation around the unit (kept in a cupboard)

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