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The year of the 6MP CCTV Camera

Updated: Jan 30

To be a Wire Wizard, I think you have to be ever so slightly 'geeky', and there was a tad bit of excitement when we took delivery of these 6MP CCTV Camera's.

So why the excitement over a 6MP CCTV Camera? It's all about the resolution and clarity of what you are seeing. When we talk about MP, we are talking about megapixels and the greater the megapixels the better resolution and clarity.

If we are ever in the unfortunate situation of needing to refer to CCTV Footage for a crime purpose, you want the best and clear shot of capturing what you need, and these are certainly the equipment for the job.

Let me show you with the pictures below

6mp security system_security system installers_west sussex_uk_wirewizards
6MP Camera Resolution - SEE DIFFERENT


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Apr 03, 2023

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