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Staying safe; An affordable Visonic 30 Powermaster G2 Intruder Alarm Kit

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Because of the ease of use for the client, we have a fantastic installation when fitting Visonic 10/30 G2 alarm kits. It has a wealth of great features such as; if the alarm is activated, it calls you, listen in feature, and a panic button dialler.

In the Alarm System community, it is not just the above features, it's also a well-supported piece of equipment and not a 'one-hit-wonder' system which makes the system an all-round hit.

So let's go through the system and watch our video at the end of the page.

The PowerMaster is a wireless alarm system for detecting and alerting in case of burglary, fire, and a variety of other security and safety hazards.

The PowerMaster is governed by a control panel designed to collect data from various

sensors that are strategically located within and along the perimeter of the protected site.

The alarm system can be armed or disarmed by a variety of keyfobs and keypads using special codes.

In the disarmed state, the system provides you with visual status information and initiates an alarm if smoke is detected or upon disturbance in a 24-hour zone (a zone which is active 24-hours a day).

In the armed state, the system initiates an alarm upon the detection of disturbance in any one of the armed zones.

Proximity tags enable authorized people to enter restricted areas.

The system identifies a wide range of events - alarms, attempts to tamper with sensors

System Features

Your PowerMaster offers a large number of unique features:

 Master / User Settings: Two user levels allow different access types

 30 detector zones (PowerMaster-10 G2) / 64 detector zones (PowerMaster-30 G2): Each detector zone is identified by zone number and name (location).


 Liquid crystal display (LCD): Plain-language status information and prompts are displayed on the front panel.

 Real-time clock: The present time is visible on the display. This feature is also used for the log file by providing the date and time of each event.

 Various reporting destinations: Events can be reported automatically to monitoring stations, private telephones and mobile phones of your choice, and even by SMS if GSM is installed.

 Selective reporting: Your installer can determine what type of events will be reported to which destination.

 Latchkey mode: An automatic “Latchkey” message is sent to chosen telephones if the system is disarmed by a “latchkey” user (a junior family member, for instance).

 Spoken announcements and instructions over the built-in loudspeaker (if the voice prompts are enabled).

 Message exchange1: Before leaving the premises, you may record a short verbal message for other users of the system who may arrive later. Upon arrival, you can listen to verbal messages left by others for you.

 Access from remote telephones: You may access the PowerMaster from a remote telephone and Arm/Disarm it or receive system status information.

 Numerical keys serve as function keys: When the system is disarmed, the numerical keys are used also to control various system functions. A simple icon on each key identifies the task of that key.

 Data retrieval: You can obtain status information, trouble information and review memorized alarm events visually.

 Event log: System events are memorized in an event log that stores the most recent events, each tagged with the time and date of the event. You can access this log and review the past events in case of need such as after a burglary.

 Looking after elderly, physically handicapped, and infirm individuals: The system can be programmed to monitor people activity within the protected area and send out an alert message if no movement is detected in the area for a predefined period of time.

 Distress calls: Keyfobs may be used to activate this function by the simultaneous pressing of two buttons.

 Disarming under duress: If a user is forcibly compelled to disarm the system, he can do so using a special code ("Duress Code") that disarms the system as usual but also sends a silent alarm to the monitoring station.

 System supervision: All wireless peripherals within the protected site send periodic keep-alive supervision messages. If such a message is overdue, the PowerMaster displays a 'missing' trouble message. Your installer can disable this feature if so desired.

 Battery supervision: The PowerMaster continuously monitors the battery condition of the sensors and devices in the system and displays a ‘Low Battery’ message whenever a battery needs to be replaced within a maximum of 30 days. Wireless sirens can still provide 2 siren alarms before the siren becomes totally inactive. Note: When the ‘Low Battery’ message is received, the battery should be replaced within 7 days.

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