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Home Security Cameras - Why Wi Fi CCTV Cameras

Updated: Jan 30

For anybody considering installing security cameras at home, it soon becomes apparent that one of the decisions needed to be made would be Wi Fi or wired?. At first glance the Wi Fi option appears to be the obvious choice, but before you make the final decision have a quick read of the below.

The first thing to consider is the Wi Fi within your home. Is it strong enough to add extra devices? The cameras will produce a full time data stream. A lot of the time home Wi Fi can struggle to adequately cover the whole house, so do you then consider upgrading your home Wi Fi with repeaters or access points?

Another point to consider is can the current home hub hold the connection for the added cameras? You would be correct in thinking that most routers issue IP addresses but, the average home hub can only support sixteen Wi Fi clients simultaneously. Lastly do you really want to use up the bandwidth introducing extra latency to the other devices.

Even Wi Fi cameras need wires!

The corners of the house is a common position to place security cameras but, there is rarely any electrical power easily available and the power pack supplied normally has a 2m cable supplied.

Security Camera Security

To a much lesser extent cyber security may become an issue. The reason for this is the fact that that Wi Fi cameras are often very badly supported by manufacturers and updates and patches are few and far between. This can inevitably leave you vulnerable to cyber criminals..

In short a wired security camera is by far the best option

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Mar 04

Choosing Wi-Fi CCTV cameras from Locksmith Gastonia NC is a smart investment in protecting your property. Their advanced technology and easy accessibility make them an indispensable tool for keeping your home safe and secure.


May 11, 2022

Some security CCTV works on wifi and some works without wifi and you can opt both as per the need. A local locksmith technician can surely install one in your home.

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