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UNBOXING | Improved network with Ubiquiti GigaBeam PLUS @UbiquitiInc @broadbandbuyer

Wireless Connectivity: Upgrading to Ubiquiti Gigabeam Plus

Lets get talking about the Ubiquiti Gigabeam Plus and of course we’ve done a video to go with it.

So, Today we demand more and more uninterrupted internet connection, so having a dependable WiFi network at home or at work is crucial.

The Ubiquiti Gigabeam Plus, is great for us providing wireless networks. We will briefly touch upon how Wire Wizards – WiFi network specialists can help can improve the functionality of your network.

This gadget is ideal for both home and business applications because of its gigabit capacity, improved signal strength, and long-range capabilities. Whether you run a large company or small office multi site, the Gigabeam Plus will keep you connected.

Your WiFi Network with the WiFi Network Experts at Wire Wizards – so let’s go through some of the specifications of this unit

I will just point out – we have just deployed these in a Warehouse where we installed 8 x HD CCTV cameras and we needed more bandwidth as the data they transmit is really high and we needed to get the images back to the NVR.

When googling this unit, It’s referred to as Ubiquiti Gigabeam Plus 60Ghz 35dbi WiFi Point to Point-To-Point

So if anyone doesn't know gigahertz or Ghz is referred to as frequency and dbi is how much power an antenna transmits – I so hope Ive remembered that right.

I said earlier just one of these is weighing in a 2.2lb

The circumference of this is 15.5cm and the height is approx. 13cm

It’s UV resistant

Comes with 2 pole mount kits which are also metal

Power is via 24VDC, 0.5A Gigabit PoE Adapter and the max power consumption is 11w

The guys tell me these are set up with the Ubiquiti app via the dashboard and have in there an Antenna Alignment Tool and speed test tools

Donna - Wire Wizards

So let’s jump to the video via our YouTube to have a look at it – please click the link.

For more technical info – here is the link for it

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