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What Spock would say about CCTV Companies near me

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Wire Wizards installing CCTV at Drusillas - spot our camera watching us

What Spock would say about CCTV Companies near me

There is always something happening somewhere, and i'm sure Spock would say "insufficient security always invites danger and Wire Wizards CCTV reduces your vulnerability"

So we have all at some point searched on Ebay or Argos for a CCTV system and seen a bargain price of £150.00, and thought great, I'll take that, only to be let down in a couple of months when the DVR fails and you find you have no technical support and you have to return the item to China. So the old saying "buy cheap, buy twice".

At Wire Wizards we supply and fit cost effective CCTV solutions and were recently asked to supply Drusillas Zoo, East Sussex, extra security for them. Part of the installation was to install outdoor CCTV cameras.

Below you will see from Adata, Portsmouth the OYN-X 1080p 4 in 1 PTZ and IP Starlight. 100m range. 4.9-97mm Lens





West Sussex

BN17 6QD


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