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Wire Wizards test the best QVIS 8MP Security System for Worthing, Littlehampton and Chichester

Updated: Jan 30

Hi everyone and welcome back. Today we are going to be testing the newly released Qvis 8MP Security System.

These have just been released and now are in our product range.

So let's get started. We are now in the league of 8MP CCTV systems. So whats so great about these? Well 8MP is super, super high definition and in tech terms this allows the camera to produce an image that is nearly four time the size of a standard 1080p HD security system.

Pixelation is no longer a worry when you are zooming in to gather more details like a person's face or number plate.

I have always maintained that if you do have an incident where you need to use the footage, you only have '1 shot' at this and you need the clearest footage and this system will give you the best 'shot' at it.

Watch our video at testing out the system.


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<h2><span itemprop="name">Wire Wizards West Sussex test the best QVIS 8MP security system Liitlehampton, Worthing, Chichester</span></h2>

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<span itemprop="description">Hello everyone, today we get to test the latest 8MP Security system from Qvis

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Patrick James
Patrick James
Mar 09, 2023

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