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Why Smart Home Automation is getting more and more popular

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Smart homes notably complement modern day life and who doesn't like to have a tinker at a do it yourself home automation gadget like a Google home mini?

It's brilliant now when we set off for a weekend away and my wife says "did you lock the back door?". Fear no more you can remotely lock home doors.

Long term money savings is everything were looking for from the big players such as Gas, Electric and Water because lets face it there is never a year goes by when they don't hike the prices.

So let's have a brief look at the benefits of having cool home automation set up;

Money Savings > Smart thermostats and smart light bulbs will give you long term savings as simply as setting temperatures and using energy efficient light bulbs.

Security > Automated lighting, motion sensors and security cameras give enhanced security around the home.

Advantage Aid > As you unlock the front door, it turns on the lights in your home.

Peace of mind > Verify if you've closed the doors and windows via an app.

Home automation systems aren't just for new build properties, we can all integrate these smart home devices into our existing homes.

Where Wire Wizards come into there own in this area is all these components rely on being able to communicate with one and another and we are a 'wizz' at it.

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Cool Home Automation


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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Mar 11

Smart home automation by Residential Locksmith company not only enhances security but also simplifies everyday tasks. From remotely controlling door locks to monitoring access, it's a game-changer for modern living.

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