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This Weeks Top Story on Ethernet Cable

Updated: Jan 30

Can a twisted pair Ethernet cable be used for distances over 100m ? Yes!

So the understanding is that a Cat 5 Ethernet cable (UTP) can pass data of a gigabit speed,

assuming accurate installation and up to 100m. However this is now not the complete story

Probably the most common cable the Wire Wizards use is Cat 5. Over the years this type of cable has proved to be very versatile. For example, as a single cable it can carry the signals from up to four HD analogue CCTV cameras over a 200m length. Not bad considering it only cost about £40.00 for that much wire. Yet using the more traditional coaxial cable it would cost £100+ and the installation is more challenging.

Knowing what we know about the most popular twisted pair cable used in Ethernet computer systems throughout the world, it often surprises customers that in some instances it can be more cost effective to use Cat 5 cable over much longer distances than 100m.

Sometimes a requirement comes along where a low data Ethernet device is needed quite far away from the office. A phone or CCTV camera in a security hut, or credit card machine in a kiosk. The usual approach is to install a fibre optic cable, yet this can prove to be very pricey and a little overkill for such a low data device. An alternative solution would be to deploy good old Cat 5 which can transmit by directional Ethernet signals up to 2km when accompanied with some SDSL adaptors.

You would be correct in thinking not at a gigabit. At that distance you only receive 20-25mbps which is easily enough bandwidth to provide a few IP phones in a portable office or a network connected video recorder in an outbuilding.

Which is why we really do find the most cost effective solutions for our clients.

After all why spend over £1000 for a fibre solution when you need to spend half that

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