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The Switch-off from the Copper Telephone Network to Fibre

Updated: Jan 30

The Switch-off from the Copper Telephone Network to Full Fibre

Telecommunications as we know it is evolving, and we must all adapt.

The old copper wire telephone network as we know it will be retired. BT Openreach announced that the copper wire telephone network for homes, businesses, and schools will be phased out across the UK by the end of 2025.

Do you remember when an old copper wire was all that was required to bring a telephone line into the premises? Then we wanted broadband to be pushed through it? Well, copper’s time has passed, as it is unable to meet the massive demand for faster and faster Internet access, which only Fibre Optic Cable can provide.

Fibre Optic, unlike copper cable, is not susceptible to electronic interference because it uses light rather than electricity.

Fibre Optic cables are made of glass and use light to transmit data; (they are thinner than a human hair) but can carry far more data.

Our Fibre Optic Cable Installation Services.

Supply. Install and terminate Fibre optic cabling Systems

Direct termination of connectors on site

On site fusion spliced termination – Single & Ribbon Fibre

All types of single & multi-mode fibre optic cable; OS1 and OS2


In the video below, you can see Wire Wizard Orrin at work Fibre Splicing

Fibre Mini Module | Changes digital light signals into digital electrical signals

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