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We've been asked to set up hotspots in places like coffee shops and restaurants so that people can get online.

Wireless Internet

Exactly how it reads. We install professional WiFi so you can get fast internet connections without having to deal with cables all over the place.

WiFi 6 has arrived

WiFi 6 is the next generation of WiFi. It will connect to the internet the same way, but with far faster connections and download speeds. 
Were ready to use Wifi 6 routers and install the most effective mesh Wifi 6 systems.

We make use of WiFi equipment

There are a plethora of WiFi devices out there that can assist us in completing your WiFi setup. Here are just a few;

WiFi Booster

We are able to apply a WiFi booster to improve Wifi. We offer Wifi solutions to help you extend your signal to trouble spots.

WiFi Speed

We have a number of techniques up our sleeves, such as tweaking settings and  accessing router locations, all of which can help you increase your internet speed.

Extending WiFi

We're the team for you if you need point-to-point WiFi, WiFi for outdoors or Garden room WiFi. We work with a variety of products from a number of different manufacturers to accommodate all budgets

We also offer different types of WiFi installation.

WiFi point to point
WiFi outbuilding
Were WiFi home installers
Were WiFi network installers
WiFi booster for home
WiFi set up for home
Commercial WiFi installation
WiFi access point in installation
Professional WiFi installation

Worthing and Chichester WiFi Companies, WiFi installers, and Wifi Specialists

WiFi must be fast, secure, and dependable. 24/7.

 WiFi is used to link our gadgets to the internet, such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Google Nests. 

If your internet is driving you insane because it is slow or weak, maybe you don't have WiFi in some areas, or you just want to extend your WiFi range, we can assist.

We work with a wide range of products from various manufacturers that are appropriate for all budgets and premises.

The services we provide are listed below.

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