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Not all Routers are Equal

Updated: Jan 30

When I think back to the early days of WiFi, when all of the technologies and items available seemed to be in their infancy, I'm amazed at how far things have progressed in just 15 years.

Who remembers the times when a WiFi-connected laptop had to have a credit card size adapter stuffed in the side slot? Then you had to figure out how to set up your router after making sure you had the right set of device drivers, which often led to more frustration as the firmware needed an update. "Arrrgh, why can't it be easy?".

Thankfully these days are over. New routers come pre-configured with all of the required setup and passwords.

In 2008 the smartphone became a hungry WiFi monster, which presented another set of problems for the humble WiFi router to address, yep more devices. So now we have laptops, phones, cameras, doorbells and we haven't even got started with smart home devices like smart lighting or voice-controlled speakers.

Our simple home hub has evolved into a gigabit switching, multi-connected powerhouse of internet services, and having one in your home is just as important as having electricity and gas. This being said, just one router may not be enough to provide a reliable WiFi signal to all parts of your home, especially if you have brought a nice new Smart Tv to go into the new garden office. Other WiFi devices, such as WiFi repeaters that look like electricity plugs or WiFi boosters that cause more problems than they're worth, come into play here.

However, by far the best way to solve this irritation is to bridge the gap with point-to-point WiFi.

Yeah, it sounds complicated, and yes, it's better if an engineer installs it for you, but being able to make a smooth video zoom call or watch a movie in your new cinema shed would make the use of the internet a lot less anxious.

Looking ahead, with all the current and new gizmos that need a strong WiFi link, knowing that the Wire Wizards team is here to help is reassuring


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