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Posted by Spike Scott on Thursday, July 16, 2015

 Enjoying the benefits that comes from having a good WiFi signal available within an organization can often be attributed to obtaining a professional WiFi installation service. This is where the installation engineers from Wire Wizards can bring tangible results to a poor performing WiFi network. In a worst case scenario an underperforming WiFi service can loose custom for a business. This is noticed more in businesses that offer WiFi as an incentive to their customers, such as cafes, hotels, and community centres. A person that is suffering from a ropey connection will by nature seek out a place that does provide good internet. For a corporate user the issues that arise may not directly promote the loss of a client, but having a WiFi device hang or fail to connect can lead to reduced productivity. 

 In almost all cases a grotty WiFi service can be rectified with the deployment of the "right tools for the job", meaning just because the router connected to a network pumps out a WiFi signal doesn't mean it can cope with the load placed on it. What isn't common knowledge is that most WiFi routers and access points that were manufactured before the year 2014 can only provide a connection to thirty two simultaneous devices. Not that many if you the proprietor of a pub, hotel, or café. 

 There are solutions to all issues that have come to light over time, that won't break the bank. First generation equipment has almost disappeared mainly due to internet service providers shipping out next generation routers which come with much tighter security yet still never resolved the problem of only being able to handle a few concurrent connections. Now the cost of the latest type of WiFi access gear can be below a hundred pounds, and comes packed with new features and improvements. Add that to the cost of getting a Wire Wizard to complete the installation plus setup and a whole host of troubles could be addressed for less than two hundred pounds.  

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