Installing High Definition CCTV

Posted by Spike Scott on Monday, August 03, 2015

 With the prices of high definition CCTV gear now within the reach of most budgets it has never been a better time to install or upgrade to a modern 1080p CCTV system. A high definition image not only looks good on screen it also has practical value, for instance, the ability to identify car number plates from a distance, or a person's facial features. Another upside to H.D. is that it works well when connected to large screens as all modern televisions support the 1080p HDMI inputs. It's not just the pictures that manufactures of CCTV have been developing there are a few extra features now built in to the recorders such as P2P remote monitoring, email snapshot, and bidirectional talk. 

 The P2P feature is probably the most useful as it simplifies the set process of remote viewing across the internet. With older CCTV recorders the task of making the image appear on a smartphone would involve an engineer making changes to the port settings within a router, but often problems would arise when the internet service provider changed or the router had been upgraded. Those days have gone. Just a four step process, and no IT knowledge required anyone can now setup remote viewing. Bidirectional talk is gaining popularity and is especially useful when combined with access control systems and public address systems. 

 How much will it cost? As a typical example of a four camera system with a network recorder fully installed and setup come in at a shockingly low price of around eight hundred and fifty pounds, which is roughly the cost of an alarm system but with the added advantage of being able to record and store captured incidents. 

 Installing a four camera system into a shop takes approximately two engineers one day to complete if it is the first time a CCTV system has been deployed. The engineers start by fitting CAT5e cables from where the NVR is located to the camera position, then fix the cameras in place, followed by making off the connectors and powering up the system. Things can work out a little cheaper in the case of an upgrade as the cables for the old system can be used again to deliver high definition images as long as the recorder is equipped with TVI technology. 

 Asking the Wire Wizards to install a modern CCTV system definitely won't hurt the wallet. 

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